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Spring Term home Link Challenges
Summer Term Home Link Challenges

Wednesday wellie walks and links with the community


As part of our enhanced provision we try to get out into the community each week. We have enjoyed feeding chickens, watching sheep being fed and picking apples which we cooked back at school and tasted.

We enjoyed the advent window search finding as many as possible that were open. We had to wait for Mrs Platt's window until the last day of term but it was worth the wait.

The children sang some of the songs we had been learning in class and songs from our nativity to the Luncheon club that took place before Christmas. The ladies and gentlemen in the audience made us feel very welcome.

We have walked round the church learning about its stained glass windows and a little of its history.

We try to go every week to look at a tree we have chosen to observe as it changes through the year. Pictures of the tree can be found on our wall in the classroom.

Mrs Platt cooks with a small group of children each week and part of this activity involves walking down to the shop to buy the ingredients they need. This has helped them to learn what is in some of the food they eat and also develop a small understanding about the use of money.

Spring came early to Hambledon when we were taking pictures of daffodils in flower in January. We have been looking for more signs of spring since, these can be seen in the photos below.

We hope to develop our community links over the next few weeks and we will keep you posted.

Picture 1 First signs of Spring
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 A visit to the Church
Picture 6 New signs of Spring
Picture 7
Picture 8 Looking for more signs of spring
Picture 9 Spring hiding in our garden

We enjoyed our wellie walk yesterday. We went to see if the tree we have been observing has changed much, investigated the holes in the ground looking for worms and then did a little bit for the community.

The children did a great job of sweeping the path in front of the Church. We then had some fun by following the tradition of rolling Easter eggs. 

Wellie Walk to Hambledon House  and Hill House 23 May 2018

We had a lovely time on our wellie walk today. We walked up to Hambledon House to see the amazing Wisteria and on to Hill House to look in the pond.

We saw tadpoles, dragonflies and nymphs, newts and pond skaters.

Below are some of the photos we took.

Walk to Hambledon House Wednesday 4th July

We really enjoyed our walk today. We went to Hambledon House where Mrs Hart Dyke kindly showed us around her beautiful garden.

We saw some lovely flowers and fruiting plants and we were allowed to explore and play on the lawn.


World Book Day

The children really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and they wrote some fantastic sentences about who they had come dressed as.

Their writing, drawings and photos can be seen in the corridor outside our classroom.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Turtles and Sea Lions Shared Reading

After we had enjoyed sharing Sea Lions pop up books that they created earlier in the term, we have started 'buddy time'. We are hoping to get together regularly so that Sea Lions can read to us and maybe we can read to them. Photos of our first buddy time can be seen on the gallery page. 

Our World

As part of the school 'Our World' topic, Turtles have been learning about and comparing animals that live in the woodlands around us with those that live in Africa.

They have painted some lovely pictures and they enjoyed painting the baby giraffe I made for them. They decided to paint it using bright colours like Elmer the elephant.


To finish off the Our World topic, we took part in the survival day. We learnt to send a message by creating an SOS using ourselves and protect ourselves using a storm shelter.

We then had the chance to try some interesting food (the term food is used very loosely!) All of the children enjoyed a jelly snake before some very brave children tried termites, which apparently tasted nutty! and some rather wriggly meal worms. Yum!

Thank you to Mr Bream for leading this for the children.

St George's Day Celebrations

The children enjoyed a visit from Una and Ken who came to introduce us to the Accordion and some traditional Morris dancing to help us celebrate St George's Day. The children enjoyed listening to the music and creating their own dances.

Morris Dancing

Still image for this video

More Dancing

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