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Vision and Ethos

Our School Vision

Children at Hambledon Primary school:

Are unique and valued at every level.

Develop a love of learning and ability to think for themselves.

Learn how to be a learner and understand the significant effort required to being truly successful and achieving full potential.

Build their intelligence.

Develop the ability to make sensible choices regarding their own and others’ safety and maintain a healthy life style.

Become independent learners with lively enquiring minds.

They are reflective and learn from every experience.

Are excited about new learning and have the skills

not to give up when learning is hard.

Make good progress or better in a safe and supported environment

and expect to be challenged.

Show an awareness of the needs of others.

They can work in a group with the perseverance to complete a task and have the ability to have well adjusted, well maintained relationships.

Have a sense of wonder, fun and respect for the world around them.

They have the knowledge, concepts and skills they need throughout their lives.

Have sufficient opportunities to talk about their learning,

clarify and extend their thinking.

Make choices about their learning.

They experience outstanding teaching and learning, coaching, guiding and careful assessment of next steps in learning, which in turn,

results in at least good progress.

Have memorable experiences.

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Our School Values

We have a passion for challenges. We are all challenged at all levels.

Perseverence. When things are hard we keep at it, we keep going

and we do not give up.

We are kind and treat others how we expect to be treated

We work hard to understand others and we always value differences

We value each other, the teams in which we work and the roles we play as part of a team. We co-operate with each other and also recognise

the need to work independently.

We value enterprise and value working with a core purpose to invent,

discover and provide.

We value taking time to reflect and concentrate.

We learn from our experiences, we value taking time to share our thinking

and we always reflect  upon and value the comments of others.

We believe that everyone should respect themselves and respect one another


Our core values underpin all that we do.

Our school wide rules also help us to maintain these high standards and they are incorporated into our home school agreement.


Our School-wide rules


We listen to people, we do not interrupt.


We show respect for others.


We are honest, we do not cover up the truth.


We are kind and helpful, we do not hurt other people’s feelings.


We are gentle, we do not hurt anybody.


We try to work hard, we do not waste time.


We look after property, we do not waste or damage things.


We always follow instructions.





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