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Ospreys Year 6

Nature Documentaries

In English we are aiming to produce our own nature documentaries with the goal of sharing the wonder of the Amazon Rainforest with our intended audience. Today in class we retrieved information from non-fiction texts and considered how we can present it in a way that would inspire a reader.


Whilst we still have quite a way to go on our learning journey, we hope to share our finished documentaries with you at the end of term!



Letters from Uganda

On our return from our Summer break, we were excited to find letters from our pen pals in our partner school in Uganda that had been brought back by Mr Davies following his recent trip.


As well as responding to the letters, we have begun to film short videos to share with our friends, detailing life in our school. We are looking forward to finishing these and sending them over the coming weeks!



Earth and Space art

In science we have been learning about Earth and space. As well as making 3D planets, the children created their own planet which forms part of a display in the hall. The children chose their pattern, colours and the materials they wanted to use such as: pastels, watercolours, chalk, sugar paper and pencils.


Ospreys have also created a piece of working showing the different stages of the moon.

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Remembrance pebbles

Year 5/6 spelling list

Mental Maths facts to learn