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Ospreys Y5/6

Class Blog

By clicking on the 'Home Learning' tab in the 'Children' section of the website, you can find our class blog. This will be a space that we can use to keep each other updated as to how we are getting on with our learning at home. In the videos section, I have posted the first of a series of weekly challenges that I hope you will have fun with at home.


During the coming week we hope to sort out logins for you for the blog so that you can send updates to me and get in contact with any questions that you may have.


Look after yourselves!


Mr Moseley

British Museum Trip

On the last day of the half term, Ospreys visited the British Museum in London to see Anglo-Saxon artefacts first-hand. There was also an opportunity to see many of the other galleries inside the museum, including the Ancient Egypt section, which houses the Rosetta Stone.


Mr Moseley was particularly proud of how the children conducted themselves, both in the museum and on public transport; the children were a credit to the school!







Super Science!

This afternoon we carried out an investigation in dissolving and attempted to answer the question 'Does the temperature of the water impact the speed in which a solid dissolves?'. We worked together in small groups to independently plan and test and considered which variable we were going to change and which variables we needed to keep the same in order to make it a fair test. We will be returning to the investigation next week in order to analyse our results and draw conclusions.



Basketball Festival

Children from Ospreys recently represented the school in a Basketball competition involving local schools. The children were super ambassadors for the school and played with a smile on their faces throughout. The highlight was a 4-0 victory in our final match!

Saxon Storytelling

To begin our new topic, 'Raiders and Rulers', we had a visit from a Saxon storyteller (who looked strikingly like Mr Moseley!) We listened to the tale of Beowulf and then created our own stories - complete with heroes and mythical beasts - in comic-strip form.





Environmental Art

Recently in class we have been exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy, who is known for his use of natural materials to create sculptures using the landscape around him.


Today we used examples of Andy Goldsworthy's work as inspiration for our own pieces. We began to plan for what our sculptures may look like and went in to the school grounds to get ideas for colours and textures that we can use.


Sporting Success!

Children from Ospreys have recently taken part in a Cross-Country competition at Swanmore College. Each race had around 50 competitors did and all of our children did the school proud by persevering over what proved to be a long and very muddy course!


Well done all!


Nature Documentaries

In English we are aiming to produce our own nature documentaries with the goal of sharing the wonder of the Amazon Rainforest with our intended audience. Today in class we retrieved information from non-fiction texts and considered how we can present it in a way that would inspire a reader.


Whilst we still have quite a way to go on our learning journey, we hope to share our finished documentaries with you at the end of term!



Letters from Uganda

On our return from our Summer break, we were excited to find letters from our pen pals in our partner school in Uganda that had been brought back by Mr Davies following his recent trip.


As well as responding to the letters, we have begun to film short videos to share with our friends, detailing life in our school. We are looking forward to finishing these and sending them over the coming weeks!



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