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Owls Y3/4

Exploring Light and Shadows

Recently in Science we have been learning about light and the way it behaves when it hits different objects. We explored what happens when light meets opaque objects by making our own shadow puppet theatres.




Local Landscapes

As part of our local history study, we have been sketching some of the scenery around our school. Today, we used watercolours to paint our pictures, thinking particularly about how we can layer colours and show textures.



Historic Hambledon

As part of our local history topic, we have enjoyed looking back through the school's extensive archives. Searching through old photographs, newspaper reports, architect's plans and the school's log books (which date back to the 1800s), we were able to piece together some fascinating facts about Hambledon Primary School's past! We look forward to presenting some our findings to you in our 'virtual museum' at the end of term.