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Hambledon Primary School

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Hambledon Primary School Governors

Hambledon Primary School has a dedicated and enthusiastic team of governors with representatives from several groups including parents, the community and local authority. The purpose of the group is to help the school deliver the best possible education, by fulfilling the following objectives;


  • Setting the school’s vision, strategic aims and policies

  • Monitoring and evaluating performance

  • Ensuring the school is accountable to all its stakeholders

Governing Body (2017-18)

We are active in many development areas within the school whilst continuing our role in ‘overseeing’ the school’s progress, monitoring and provide a ‘critical friend’ role to the school as a whole. This involves Full Governing Body Meetings (6 per year) and sub-committee meetings (Personnel / Finance (Resources) and Strategic).


There has been a great deal of development and good news at Hambledon recently, and we are very proud of our recent achievements - please read our newsletters, produced at regular intervals to see what we've been up to.


We are a friendly Governing Body and welcome open communication from the community - please feel free to contact us for further details (email:


The governing body is made of the following members:  


List of Current Governors: Role:                              
Will Rollinson Chair, Governors (Strategy)
Matt Frost Chair, Resources
Caroline Crowe Chair, Strategy
Paul Davies Headteacher
Katy Angio Class Teacher

Tony Higham


Jan Jarvie


Pat Crew


Kate Buckingham


Tim Shaw


Marina Slaney











N.B.: Please also refer to the Governor Services Website which has an up to date list, in the event of recent changes: 

Previous committee members (rolling 12 months):

Daniel Disney (January 2014 - March 2016)

Marcus Nash  (September 2015 - December 2016)

Di Glasgow (January 2014 - December 2016)

Graeme Roberts (September 2013 - September 2017)


Interests: Academic year 2016-2017
No Material Interests have been declared.

Declared Pecuniary Interests are detailed below. 

All appointments have been made by a quorate Full Governing Body.


Governing Body by Committee Membership

Resources Committee

Daniel Rowland (Chair), Paul Davies, Matthew Frost, Jan Jarvie, Tony Higham

The resources committee oversees the finances of the school and its infrastructure which includes agreeing budgets and co-ordinating building projects.


Strategic Committee

Caroline Crowe (Chair), Paul Davies, Katy Angio, Penny Eliot, Matthew Frost, Belinda Medhurst, Will Rollinson, Pat Crew, Kate Buckingham

The strategy committee oversees the curriculum and teaching standards aspect of the school.



Recent Governors (12 months rolling record)

Belinda Medhurst

Penny Eliot

Graeme Roberts

About Us:

Will Rollinson (p)

Parent Governor, February 2016 - February 2020
Strategy Committee member. Safeguarding and PHSE Lead.

I applied to become a school governor as, like most parents, I have a keen interest in my children’s education and wanted to help maintain the high standards the school is already achieving and futureproof it for the next generation to prosper.   
My background is predominantly within the law enforcement community so I bring to the table a broad spectrum of legislative experience which I hope will be of some benefit to the school. 


Caroline Crowe (p)
Co opted Governor, October 2015 - October 2019
Strategy Committee member. Music and Humanities Lead.
I have a background in research and communications, transferable skills that I can use to benefit the school across many areas. As a children's author, I can offer help with the school's library provision. I also have an interest in SEN provision.

Matthew Frost (p)
Co opted Governor, January 2014 - January 2018
Chair, Governors.

Resources and Strategy Committee member. Training and Liason Governor (TLG).

I was interested in the governor role as I wanted be able to put something back into the school where my son is attending and to help, in as much as I can, Hambledon school maintain the wonderful experience for the children who come through its doors.
As an Air Traffic Controller there aren't many skills which cross over into governorship but I hope I bring a strong sense of teamwork, an ability to think clearly under pressure, be able to communicate well and a desire to get actively involved which ultimately led to me stepping up and taking up the role of chair of governors.


Pat Crew
Co opted Governor, January 2017 - January 2021

Strategy Committee member.


Commander Tony Higham BEM RN (rtd)

Co opted Governor, October 2017 - October 2021
Resources Committee member and Sport Lead.

We have lived in the village for 41 years and 3 of my children attended the school - what a great start in life it gave them. After 38 years in the Royal Navy I now run a family property business but I also focus on various elements of voluntary work including the Headley Court MOD rehab centre where I help rebuild the lives of broken service personnel. As campaign manager for a local MP/Government Minister and as a Parish Councillor, I hopefully have my finger on the local and political pulse and, as a Governor, can help influence external decision makers into doing the right thing by the school. Having sailed for Great Britain for 15 years and having been a keen sportsman, my specific role as a Governor is to lead on sport. I am also a volunteer mini-bus driver. 


Jan Jarvie
Co Opted Governor, November 2016 - November 2020
Resources Committee member.

Daniel Rowland (p)
Parent Governor, September 2016 - September 2020
Chair, Resources. Previously Vice Chair, Governors.
Resources Committee member, Headteacher Pay Review Committee, School Extension Sub Committee, and Maths Lead

I became a Governor in 2010, the year my eldest joined the school, as I wanted to support the village school, especially with its growth from an Infant to Primary. My backround is in finance and property and I joined the Resources Committee and help with budgeting and premises amongst other things.


Kate Buckingham (p)

Co-opted Governor, September 2017 - September 2021


All governors hold an Enhanced DBS.




  Autumn Spring Summer Total (hrs)
Caroline Crowe - 8.25 13.75 22
Penelope Eliot 15.75 10 10.5 36.25
Matthew Frost 13.75 29 13.75 56.5
Di Glasgow 25.75 12.5 13.75 52
Tony Higham 14.5 38.75 15.75 69
Belinda Medhurst 27.75 30.75 24 82.5
Marcus Nash 15 36.5 12.5 64
Graeme Roberts 10 5.75 13 28.75
Daniel Rowland 23.75 24.25 20.25 68.25
Will Rollinson - 8.25 8.5 16.75
Vacancy - - - -
Robin Coutts 3.25 1 1.25 5.5
Liz Moger 0 0 0 0


  Summer   Autumn   Spring    Total Meetings
Caroline Crowe        
Penelope Eliot        
Matthew Frost        
Di Glasgow        
Tony Higham        
Belinda Medhurst        
Marcus Nash        
Graeme Roberts        
Daniel Rowland        
Will Rollinson        
Robin Coutts        
Liz Moger        


Attendance is recorded on a 12 month rolling record. 

Autumn: September - December

Spring: January - March
Summer: April - August

Pecuniary Interests Declared: Academic year 2015-2016


Will Rollinson, Director, Tactical Self Defence.

Daniel Rowland, Associate, Garringtons.

Daniel Rowland, Director, Frost Property Developments.


(PG) Parent Governor 
(p) Parent
L.E.A. Local Education Authority