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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mr Paul Davies

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Adrienne Blower (currently on maternity leave)


Teaching Staff

Mrs Kate Bolton
Mrs Sarah McLauchlan

Mrs Katy Angio (Acting Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Katie Foster (Acting Assistant Headteacher)

​Miss Rosy Murray

Mrs Alaine Specht
Miss Jess Costar

Mr Ryan Chard (Sports Coach)


Teaching Assistants
Mrs Gerry Walker
Mrs Jane Platt
Mrs Nicole Knight

Mrs Emma Morris

Miss Gwen Jordan







Administrative Staff
Mrs Cheryl Barker - Administrative Officer

Mrs Susan Coulston - Senior Administrative Assistant

Mrs Marina Slaney -  Administrative Assistant


Support Staff

Mr David Radford - Caretaker

Mrs Anita Rose - Cleaner

Mrs Yvette Boyd - School Cook

Miss Nicky Gadd - Catering Assistant

Miss Gwen Jordan  - Supervisory Assistant








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