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Climate Crisis Project

Climate Crisis Project

Climate change is a prominent focus around the world and is causing long term damage to our environment and eco-systems.

As a school, we have been involved in a County art installation at Winchester Cathedral. As part of this project we have been thinking about climate change and how we see it affecting our environment.

Each class has been discussing and producing work about issues that they see as part of the problem, plastic pollution, littering and cutting down trees being just a few.

Our contribution to the art installation is a ‘totem pole’ depicting our outside world. The children have created leaves using the patterns and colours of a chosen animal, bird, mini-beast or sea creature, from our more immediate environment including the sea, beach, woodland and sky. They have then left their mark on their leaves using their fingerprints which they have then turned into the animal, bird, mini-beast or sea creature of their background leaf. YR leaves have been created using rainbow handprints that wrap around the totem pole just as a rainbow works its way through the sky with the promise of brighter times.

The following page includes some of the children’s work and photos of the progress of our totem pole. We hope you find it both interesting and informative.

‘We all leave a mark on the world, what will yours be?’


The art installation will be outside Winchester Cathedral from 16 June to 4 July.

The contributions for the project are now in place.

I was lucky enough to take our totem pole to Winchester Cathedral yesterday (Tuesday 15 June) and then help with the installation of some of the other schools projects. I was blown away by the imagination and creativity that had clearly gone into the making of every single one. Here are some photos of the amazing art work.

If you can, it really is worth a walk past the Cathedral to see them.

Robins posters

Robins have been thinking about what happens to our rubbish and in particular, plastic when it isn't put in the bin or recycled.

Some of the children decided to make posters reminding everyone not to drop their litter. 

Kingfishers' Writing

In Kingfishers Class, we have been doing lots of work on the negative impacts of plastic on the environment and animals. We began by looking closely at different animals that are affected negatively by plastic. We researched these animals and wrote non-chronological reports. Afterwards, we wrote letters to the other classes at Hambledon, asking for their help to make sure that our school is a litter free zone. We are very passionate about this subject and hope to inspire other children and adults to feel the same way.


Below is a selection of our work:

Ospreys' Art Work

Ospreys' Project Work

Some of the leaves for the totem pole