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Kingfishers Y1/2

Mini Professors Visit

As part of our recent topic, we have been looking at weather and seasons in Science. We had a visit today from Professor Annette, who came armed with lots of interesting information and fun investigations for us to have a go at. The children were very confident sharing what they already know and they asked Professor Annette lots of brilliant questions. I have attached some pictures below of the two investigations we completed.

The Queen's Knickers

After reading a book called 'The Queen's Knickers' by Nicholas Allan, where the Queen loses her trunk of very important knickers, we received a letter asking us to create a second trunk of knickers just in case a disaster like this ever happened again. We thought carefully about the materials that we would make the knickers from and carried out some experiments to test the suitability of different materials. We then practised a running stitch and created our knickers using a material called Binca (we all agreed these wouldn't make the best material for knickers as they wouldn't be very comfortable, but it was a lot easier to sew!)


Below are pictures of some us practising our stitching and all of our finished Queen's knickers which, as I'm sure you will agree, look absolutely brilliant!

Climate Crisis Project

As a school, we have been involved in a County art installation at Winchester Cathedral. As part of this project we have been thinking about climate change and how we see it affecting our environment. This topic is something that, as a class, we feel very passionate about. Therefore, we have spent a long time looking at different issues and what we can do to help. We began the Summer Term by looking closely at different animals that are affected negatively by plastic. We researched these animals and wrote non-chronological reports. Afterwards, we wrote letters to the other classes at Hambledon, asking for their help to make sure that our school is a litter free zone. We are very passionate about this subject and hope to inspire other children and adults to feel the same way.


Our contribution to the art installation is a ‘totem pole’ depicting our outside world. The children have created leaves using the patterns and colours of a chosen animal, bird, mini-beast or sea creature, from our more immediate environment including the sea, beach, woodland and sky. They have then left their mark on their leaves using their fingerprints which they have then turned into the animal, bird, mini-beast or sea creature of their background leaf. I have uploaded images of the children's individual leaves below for you to see.


If you wish to look at what the other classes have gotten up to for this project, information can be found here:

Queen Elizabeth II Portraits

As part of our topic, 'Queens', we have been researching and comparing famous monarchs in British History. We finished our history section off by looking at our current Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, and finding out lots of interesting facts. We then created 3D portraits, using a range of skills. We began by tracing an image of the Queen and transferring this onto a piece of card. Then, we used newspaper and masking tape to create the 3D elements, focusing closely on her nose, lips and hair. When this was finished, we mixed colours and painted our portraits. I'm sure you will agree, they look absolutely fantastic!

Queen Elizabeth I Portraits

For our current topic, 'Queens', we have been looking at famous monarchs in history. This week, we looked at the life and time period of Queen Elizabeth I and then used our pencil and shading skills to recreate a portrait of her:

Leon and the Place Between Stories

As a school, we looked at the book 'Leon and the Place Between' by Angela McAllister. We only read half of the book to begin with, reading up until Leon stepped through the doorway into the 'Place Between'. The children then designed their own magical place that Leon would end up, wrote their stories and turned them into books which are attached below.