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Kingfishers Y1/2

Fabric Sails

During our Spring 1 Art lessons, we explored the shapes of different boat sails, before designing our own, thinking carefully about the patterns and colours we wanted to include. We then used our designs and our recent work on sewing and joining techniques to create our finished sails. We used a range of materials and joined them to our sails using a mixture of PVA and sewing. Once we had finished this, we measured and cut a piece of wooden doweling (using a saw) to attach our sail to. We then used string and hot glue to create our rafts before attaching our masts. Below are our finished rafts:

Harvest Art

For the Harvest Assembly, we created pieces of artwork, focusing on the fruits and vegetables that are usually found around harvest time. We created printed papers, using paint, thinking carefully about the colours and patterns found in each fruit or vegetable. After these had dried, we then cut out our vegetables and stuck these onto black paper. I'm sure you'll agree, they look amazing!

A Royal Reply

As part of our topic last year, we wrote letters to Queen Elizabeth II, discussing facts we had learnt about Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Her Majesty. We also shared information about ourselves and asked questions. We received a reply today, which the children were all very excited about, from Her Majesty's Lady in Waiting: