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Owls Y3/4

Sustainability Centre Day 1

'Portals to the Past' Roman Day

Stone Age to Iron Age Topic
This term, much of our learning has been linked to our History study which has focussed on changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. To conclude our topic we would like to share some our favourite bits of work from across the curriculum.


We began our study by placing the period know as the Stone Age on a timeline. This was not easy to do as we had to go back millions of years!

Focusing on the Neolithic (towards the end of the Stone Age), we learned about how humans transitioned from hunter-gatherers to settlers who farmed.

Moving through the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, we studied a variety of sources of evidence to tackle myths about the past and draw our own conclusions.

Finally, we used what we had learned to produce travel brochures that persuaded people to visit one of the periods and presentations that summarised some of the ways that everyday life was advanced from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and the impact of these changes on our lives today.

In Guided Reading this term we have been studying 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King. We have worked hard on developing our understanding of how authors develop characters and themes in stories and have enjoyed comparing this story to others we have read.

During the first half term we used the same text to inspire our writing, creating a balanced argument that studied the whether or not it was okay for Stig to hunt animals.


More recently, we have been using the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley as a basis for writing our own instructions. We particularly enjoyed developing our voice as writers, using humour to good effect to entertain (as well as inform) our readers!


We began our topic by studying some of the very first examples of Art: cave paintings. We studied some famous examples and considered what they told us about life in the past. We then tried to replicate the style of the paintings when creating our own interpretations which aimed to show people of the future aspects of our lives today.



During the second half of the term we studied a range of artefacts and images from The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We began by making careful observational sketches before making 3D replicas from clay for inclusion in our own class museum.



This term we have extended our understanding of programming to create Stone Age-themed games. Using our problem solving and reasoning skills, we wrote algorithms that enabled a character to move around a maze, avoiding obstacles and collecting food. Below is a screen-shot from one of our finished games:



In PE, Megan and Lauren from CM Sports taught us how to create a dance based around the Stone Age using a variety of choregraph techniques. In the pictures below we are exploring the concept of fire through group compositions.


Butser Ancient Farm Trip